Notification and Intelligent Detection


V-PCOS Combination Smoke and CO Detector

Kidde VS V-PCOS detector combines smoke, and carbon monoxide (CO) sensing technologies in a single compact unit. This innovative detector eliminates the need for separate devices to sense fire and CO. The result is a significant cost and maintenance savings for contractors and building owners concerned about meeting the growing demand for CO protection and about meeting new legislative requirements that are now in widespread effect.

Signature Series Intelligent Detection

Making the best of true multisensor capability, Signature Series detectors continually monitor the environment with their on-board sensors, each of which is finely tuned to detect a different characteristic of combustion. This means that a single multisensor detector can distinguish between a harmless puff of dust and a wisp of smoke; between hot, humid weather and a serious life safety condition.

Genesis Series Advanced Notification

Genesis notification appliances deliver the latest notification technology along with looks and features ideal for facilities of all sizes. Wall strobes, horns, and chimes about the size of a deck of playing cards offer a discreet alternative to bulky devices, while speakers and ceiling models with clean modern lines blend inconspicuously with their surroundings. Genesis brings on-demand notification to every application with an unparalleled range of field-configurable options including high/low dB output settings, wattage tap selections, and selectable candela output and flash rate.

New! Also available in distinctive low frequency versions.

These appliances feature 520 Hz sound output that meets the latest requirements for sleeping areas while resulting in excellent waking capabilities and superb sound penetration.

FireWorks Graphical Annunciation Interface

The FireWorks Graphical Annunciation Interface is a software platform that works with VS and VM Series fire alarm control panels to provide end users with clear, concise, and coordinated site incident information. FireWorks also supports optional text-based web clients to provide remote status updates.