Kidde Showcases Line of Smart Home Technologies at CES 2016

Jan 5, 2016

Kidde will showcase its smart home technologies at the 2016 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With its RemoteLync™ products, Kidde offers  devices for smart homeowners who want to keep tabs on potential safety and security risks at home through simple, easy-to-use monitoring. The RemoteLync devices use a home’s existing wireless network to provide reliable, affordable and flexible safety and security solutions. Kidde, a leading manufacturer of residential fire safety products, is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE: UTX).

Kidde has a leading reputation for reliability and innovation in the home safety and security industry. With alarms in more than 70 percent of American homes, Kidde provides trusted solutions to consumers and has done so for nearly 100 years. The RemoteLync line is a natural evolution of Kidde’s core mission to develop products that help protect people and property from fire and its related hazards.

“Our progression toward smart home technologies is consistent with Kidde’s history in delivering home solutions that are reliable and practical,” said Jon Hughes, director of product management, Kidde. “The RemoteLync product line creates a connected home that is user-friendly and affordable, and we’re looking forward to featuring these technologies at the International Consumer Electronics Show.”

In 2015, Kidde released two RemoteLync products, both of which will be on display at CES:

• The recently released Wi-Fi enabled RemoteLync Camera is cord-free, hub-free, and powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three months on a single charge. Its magnetic base enables the camera to be easily installed nearly anywhere and adjust to almost any angle. 

The camera immediately records video upon sensing motion and sends users an alert via a free app on their mobile devices. Trusted members of each user’s network can also be notified. An innovative, permission-based geo-arming feature will automatically arm or disarm the camera based on the owner’s mobile device location, while a passive infrared sensor dramatically reduces false alarms. Plus, a built-in “pet-mode” minimizes the chance of a pet’s movement triggering the device. Users may also request video clips up to 30 seconds on demand. The clips will be available in the app for 12 hours at no charge; during that time users can download directly to a smart device or the cloud, and/or share via social media. Long-term clip storage in the app is available at a minimal cost. 

• The Wi-Fi enabled RemoteLync Monitor acts as a listening device to alert consumers when they are away to a potential fire or carbon monoxide (CO) risk via a free app, text or email. Like the camera, the monitor does not require additional products, hubs or monthly fees to function. It simply plugs into a single outlet, listens for the unique beeping pattern of existing UL-listed smoke or CO alarms, and uses a home’s wireless connection to contact homeowners if an alarm sounds.

One RemoteLync Monitor will cover the average-sized U.S. home. Its patented technology distinguishes smoke and CO alarm warnings from background noise, reducing potential nuisance alerts. When triggered, the monitor sends an alert to the homeowner and anyone designated to receive automatic messages. Once received, there is an option to call 911 directly, temporarily hush the warning or call a contact in the network.

One app will manage both RemoteLync products. If the monitor sends notification of a smoke or CO alarm sounding, the user can then select to have the camera record video for a near real-time view of what’s happening. Also, both products are now part of the IFTTT family where consumers can create powerful recipes to automate tasks for their connected home products. A recipe is a formula built around the idea that "if this" happens, "then that" occurs. For example, homeowners can schedule their camera to arm/disarm at a specific time or if a CO alarm goes off a recipe can be set to turn on or blink the lights. 

The RemoteLync Monitor costs $99, the Camera retails for $189. Both are available at select The Home Depot stores and various online retailers.

To experience an innovative smart home product demonstration, visit Kidde at CES, Sands Expo and Convention Center, Booth No. 70358 – Smart Home Section. Media interested in scheduling a briefing with a home safety and security expert are invited to email [email protected]

For more information about the RemoteLync products, visit kidde.com or follow @KiddeSafety on Twitter.