Nighthawk™ AC Plug-in Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm with Digital Display

Provides peace of mind against the silent killer and a digital display

  • Digital Display - Displays the level of carbon monoxide the unit is sensing. The unit updates this reading every 15 seconds.
  • Tamper Resist Feature -Unit alerts you if it has been unplugged or has come loose from the outlet.
  • Peak Level Button -Displays the peak CO level recorded since its last reset or power up.
  • Test/Reset Button - Tests CO alarm circuit operation and allows you to immediately silence the alarm.
  • Two LED’s -Red – Illuminates when in alarm mode.
    Green – AC power is present, normal operation.
  • End of Life Alarm - Alerts user to replace CO alarm after 10-years of operation.
  • Part Number - 900-0234
  • Power Source

  • Safety Features

  • MSRP*