If you’ve recently experienced a power outage, you may have heard your hardwired alarms sound. If your carbon monoxide detector is beeping after a power outage, it could be because a false alarm has been triggered, or it could be a signal of CO detection. In the event of a loss of power, it’s important that any hardwired systems have a source of backup power, like a functional battery, to make sure they continue working properly.

To silence a carbon monoxide detector that is going off after a power outage, first determine whether you’re dealing with a true or false alarm. Once you’ve determined that you are not in danger, follow the steps in your user’s manual to reset your carbon monoxide detector.

Carbon monoxide alarms come in one of three power sources – hardwired, battery-powered, or AC powered (plug in). Each detector may run off different sources of power and involve varying installation procedures, but all Kidde alarms come with back-up batteries so they can continue to function and protect during a power outage.

Do Battery-operated Carbon Monoxide Alarms Work in a Power Outage?

Battery-operated CO alarms provide continuous monitoring of CO levels, even during power outages. However, it’s important to make sure you replace your unit’s battery when necessary since battery-powered alarms don’t have a backup source of power.

Do hardwired CO detectors work in a power outage?

Yes, a hardwired CO detector can still function during a power outage if there is a working battery in the alarm. Most Kidde carbon monoxide alarms come with a 9V battery backup and easy to follow instructions for installation. To identify whether the unit is working when there’s been a loss of power, look for a blinking dot. When the power comes back on, a digital alarm will show a 0 again, meaning the carbon monoxide detector is running off your home’s electrical system.

Do Plugged in CO Alarms Work When There’s a Loss of Power?

Yes, a plugged-in AC powered carbon monoxide detector will continue to work during a power failure, if it has a functioning back-up battery. If you have only lost power in part of your home, you can easily unplug and move your carbon monoxide detector into a powered outlet.