We recommend replacing the batteries in all your alarms every six months, or any time the unit indicates the battery is low. The general rule is to replace the batteries when you change your clock for daylight savings time and / or when you switch your clock back. When the battery requires replacement, you must remove the old battery and replace it with the same battery type.

Since CO alarms cannot detect the presence of carbon monoxide in end-of-life mode, replacing the battery isn’t enough to keep it functioning. Learn how to identify carbon monoxide detector end of life warnings so you can help keep your family safe with an alarm that works to properly and accurately detect carbon monoxide.

  1. Locate the model number - Our alarms have a variety of different battery installation procedures, depending on the model number of your alarm.
  2. Remove the alarm from the wall or ceiling - Most alarms are attached to a mounting plate and can be removed by turning the alarm counterclockwise.
  3. Reference your user’s manual - Once the model number and correct battery type have been identified, install the battery using the directions found in the user’s manual.

Find your user’s manual and additional product documents by searching by your model number or contact our Product Support Center at 1-800-880-6788.