NOTE: You may need to remove your alarm in order to find your model number or replace your alarm or batteries.

IMPORTANT: If the tamper resist feature has been activated on the alarm, disengage the tamper-resist features before removing the alarm from a wall or ceiling.


Removing a battery operated alarm

To remove a battery-operated alarm from the trim ring, rotate the alarm in the direction of the OFF arrow on the cover.

Removing an AC hard-wired or interconnected alarm

  • Remove the alarm from the trim ring by rotating the alarm counter-clockwise, in the direction of the OFF arrow on the cover.

  • Disconnect the AC power harness by squeezing the locking arms on the sides of the quick connector while pulling the connector away from the bottom of the alarm.

Disengaging the tamper-resistant features

Most alarms come with an optional tamper resist feature in order to protect against unwanted removal of the alarm. Some alarms incorporate a tamper resist pin, and others use a locking tab mechanism.

  • To disengage a tamper-resist pin, using a pair of long nose pliers, pull the pin out of the hole.

  • To disengage a tamper-resist tab, press down on the tamper resist tab, and rotate the alarm towards the OFF arrow.

For more information about your specific alarm, refer to your user’s manual.

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