Activation of a carbon monoxide alarm indicates the presence of carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. Never ignore the sound of an alarm. Leave the home immediately and call 911.

When your carbon monoxide alarm sounds, perform the following steps:

  1. On the alarm, press the TEST/RESET button.

  2. Call emergency services; either 9-1-1 or your local fire department.

  3. Immediately move to fresh air; either outside or near an open door or window.

  4. Ensure that everyone in the structure has been accounted for. Do not enter the premises and move away from an open door or window until emergency services have arrived, the structure has been aired out, and the fire department has given the "all clear."

If after following Steps 1 – 5, the alarm reactivates within a 24-hour period, repeat Steps 1 – 5, and call a qualified appliance technician to investigate the structure for sources of carbon monoxide, and verify that the alarm system is functioning properly. Any problems should be immediately corrected.

Verify that motor vehicles are not, or have not been, running in an attached garage or adjacent to the residence.


For more information about your specific alarm, refer to your user’s manual.

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