What products will Firex alarms interconnect with?

Aug 13, 2015

About Firex Products

Attention: Owners of Firex products: Kidde acquired the manufacturer of Firex branded products in 2009 - Invensys Controls no longer manufactures or supports these products. This website may contain some historical support documents, such as product user guides that may reference the Invensys Controls name or mailing address for product support. If you own any of these products, they should be replaced with a current Kidde model. 

If you need to replace a Firex brand product, please visit the links below to choose the best replacement products for your home. Need help choosing the right replacement alarms?

Need help replacing hardwired alarms?

If you are replacing AC hardwired Firex brand alarms manufactured prior to 2009, there is no current model that will fit the same wiring harness or mounting bracket. Replacing alarms will require first changing the mounting bracket, and then either changing the wiring harness, or for certain of these Firex models you can use the KA-F Adapter in order to avoid having to rewire to the new wiring harness. When you change one of these older alarms, you will need to replace ALL devices attached to the interconnect line for compatibility. Follow the below overview along with your new user guide (included).

Follow these steps to replace your old alarms:

Danger: electrical shock hazard! Before removing an installed alarm from its mounting bracket, turn off power at the main service panel by removing the appropriate fuse or switching appropriate circuit breaker to the OFF position. Consult the user guide for your new alarm*

Replace the mounting bracket on your ceiling with the new one (included with a Kidde alarm

Purchase and install a KA-F Quick Convert Adapter and attach your existing wiring harness to the Kidde alarm (follow user guide instructions)

When all alarms have been re-installed, re-apply power to the alarms and test to make sure they are working properly (consult your user guide throughout the process to verify operation

 *NOTE: For more information about your specific alarm, refer to your user guide.