Where can I Find the Manufacturing Date on Fire Extinguishers?

Jan 26, 2011

The manufacturing date can be located in one of several places:  Below are some common examples:

  1. Bottom left hand corner above ABC where it says Made in USA (I.E 2003).
  2. Look on the bottom of the unit and you will see two digit numbers engraved into the Cylinder (I.E. 03). (See Figure 1 below)
  3. Printed number below the label (I.E.1205322062) 
    1205- is time on 24-hour clock
    322 - exact day of the year (Nov 18, 06 - being the last 2 digits of the year (2006)
    2 - being the assembly line where it was manufactured

If your fire extinguisher was made in Mexico the printed number will read like the following example:


L2 = Production line

103 = Day of the year

07 = Year

1146 = Time