Continuous Four-Beep Alarm Pattern

When the carbon monoxide (CO) alarm senses a dangerous level of carbon monoxide, the unit will emit a loud alarm pattern. The alarm pattern is four short beeps – followed by five seconds of silence – followed by four short beeps, continuing until the air is clear.

*NOTE: When the unit is disconnected from the 120V power supply and only on battery power, the alarm pattern will continue for the first five minutes after detecting carbon monoxide and then the cycle will repeat every minute.

Constant Chirping

Only a few things could cause an alarm to chirp. If you only hear one chirp every 30 seconds, this may indicate that your alarm has one of the following conditions:

Chirping Every 60 Seconds

This is an indication that the battery has become low and needs to be replaced.

One Long, Continuous Squeal

If you hear a long, continuous squeal, this may indicate that your alarm has one of the following conditions:

  • Tamper-resist warning: this can be activated, causing the unit to go into alarm if it has been unplugged or has come loose from the outlet. (See your user's manual for more details.)

  • The battery is in backwards. Double check the contacts to make sure they are facing the correct direction.

  • If neither of these conditions exist, please remove any power source from your unit and contact product support.

NOTE: For more information about your specific alarm, refer to your user’s manual.

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