Applies to

All Kidde customers with orders pending or future orders for P4010ACLEDS-2, P4010ACLEDSCO-2, and SLED177i.

Affected products

P4010ACLEDS-2, P4010ACLEDSCO-2 & SLED177i


  • Kidde was made aware of a change to the UL 1971 standard regarding the strobe light pulse duration to 20 ms (milliseconds)

  • At this time, the strobe light pulse duration on our products are ~50ms, consequently we have removed these products from our portfolio

  • Timing for updated products is approximately 6 months

What should you do?

Unless a local ordinance specifies otherwise, any P4010ACLEDS-2, P4010ACLEDSCO-2 and SLED177i products produced prior to October 22, 2021 are NOT impacted by this transition. Therefore, anything already installed or in inventory still meets ADA, FHA, HUD, and UL 1971.

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