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Kidde 'Helps Protect You From You' in Innovative Ad Campaign for Launch of New Detect Product Line


Today, Kidde, North America’s #1 home fire safety brand2, announced the launch of Kidde Detect, the next evolution of fire and carbon monoxide safety. To mark the launch of its latest technology, Kidde released a new advertising campaign ‘Help Protect You From You,’ which intends to make the category more relatable by taking a humorous or unexpected approach. Detect’s revolutionary technology provides over 25% faster1 and up to three times more precise3 smoke detection, which can help give families more time to get out safely. Kidde is a part of Carrier Global Corporation (NYSE: CARR), global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions.

Statistics show that people have less than two minutes to safely escape a house fire4. With these new devices, Kidde is helping families take advantage of every second needed to escape. Enhanced sensing technology reduces nuisance or false alarms often caused by cooking, which helps prevent consumers from disabling their devices5.

Kidde’s new ‘Help Protect You From You’ campaign leverages the fact that many home fires are accidentally caused by homeowners. The campaign reminds viewers we all make mistakes and shows how a Kidde device acts like another version of yourself who is always keeping an eye out for your safety. 

"Kidde has been a pioneer in early smoke detection for over 100 years and Detect is our latest advanced solution designed to give homeowners more power and command over their home safety,” said Isis Wu, President, Residential Fire & Safety, Carrier. “Over the last few decades, the time to safely escape a house fire went from 17 minutes to less than two. This is why Detect’s faster smoke detection is so critical. Also, our new thought-provoking creative aims to make the category more approachable and memorable for consumers, ensuring every home is equipped with life-saving devices.” 

Kidde’s latest innovation comes with a design overhaul, offering various sizes of modern, sleek products, so you can say “goodbye” to the outdated devices that have hung from your ceiling for decades. The improved packaging is contemporary and distinctive to keep the shopping experience simple (at retail or online). 

Kidde Detect devices, such as the 10-Year Battery Powered Smoke Alarm with Voice Alerts, are ideal for all living spaces with twist-and-click mounting brackets and provide comprehensive safety solutions for your home. All devices include a self-testing feature that when combined with routine manual testing ensures the alarm is always operating as expected6, and the devices go above and beyond the latest UL 8th edition standards to meet 9th edition7

Kidde Detect devices are available for purchase nationwide. To learn more about Detect, visit

About Kidde

Kidde, a leading manufacturer of residential smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, fire extinguishers, and safety accessories, has been keeping the world a safer place for over 100 years. Kidde produced the first integrated smoke detection system a century ago and continues its legacy today by delivering advanced fire-safety technology. Kidde is a part of Carrier Global Corporation, global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions that matter for people and our planet for generations to come. For more information, visit or follow @KiddeFireSafety on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

1 29% faster average smoke detection based on internal testing of smoldering wood fires for Kidde 9th Edition vs. leading competitor 8th Edition products
2 Based on internal estimates of total household installations as of December 2023 
3 In terms of consistency and range of obscuration rate, based on internal testing for Kidde 9th Edition vs. leading competitor 8th Edition products
4 Data according to NFPA
5 See user guide on for more information on Kidde’s patented photoelectric technology 
6 Self-testing is not a substitute for a manual push test of the alarm 
7 Kidde products are tested and certified to UL 217 (smoke models) or UL 217 and UL 2034 (combination smoke/CO models)

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