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Fire & CO Safety Brochures & Safety Checklists

Kidde is pleased to offer copyright-free brochures for public use on fire safety and carbon monoxide (CO) safety, available in English as well as Spanish. Feel free to download them and make copies to hand out at safety clinics, school visits, and other outreach programs.

Brochures & Safety Checklists

Homeowners can use Kidde’s fire and safety checklists as a guide on what missing steps they may need to take to help make their homes and families safer.  

Additional Content Request

Kidde has developed resources to provide fire and life safety professionals with the necessary tools to educate and inform people about fire safety. We invite Kidde partners and members of the Fire Safety industry to access and share Cause For Alarm resources, including customizable social content, downloadable brochures and safety checklists. Select the request button and fill out the form to see if you qualify.


Additional Tools & Resources

Be sure to review our additional educator tools and resources. Some lessons are valuable. Yours save lives.
Lesson Plans

These topic-specific lesson plans can be used when teaching your class or community how to be better prepared for a fire or CO incident in their home.

Media Training

Kidde has compiled helpful talking points and strategies to use when discussing fire safety with the media.

Laws and Legislation

Knowing the rules can help you avoid fines or penalties. And more importantly, it can save lives.

The Kidde App
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