You cannot use your ladder to practice an escape. The ladder is packaged in such a way that once deployed it may not be reused. IMPORTANT: The ladder is designed for one time use only, and should only be deployed in the event of a home fire emergency. Discard after single use. Repeat use of this product could result in severe injury or death.

The reason the ladder is for a one-time use only, is because your ladder has been carefully assembled to ensure proper deployment when needed. If the release strap is pulled to deploy the ladder in order to practice for a fire, then there is no way that the ladder can be folded back the same way it was when it was first purchased. The ladder can become tangled and in the event of an emergency it may not properly deploy, therefore the amount of time that it would take to untangle in the event of an emergency, it may be too long and create risk of injury or death. In a fire seconds count, and the ladder needs to be deployed properly in order to provide an escape. We strongly recommend you practice mounting the ladder for deployment as described in the instructions, but during practices, DO NOT PULL THE RELEASE STRAP TO DEPLOY THE LADDER.​