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Are you or your customers ready for the upcoming legislation?

Required: As an update to the 2015 legislation which only required CO alarms in a room with a solidfuel burning appliance, the new legislation requires that all social and private landlords in England must install a CO alarm in any room containing a fixed combustion appliance (boilers, water heaters, gas fires, cookers, other than gas cookers).

The updated CO alarm requirement is in addition to the requirement for a smoke alarm on each level of the home. Whilst there are no specific requirements as to the grade of smoke alarm and interconnectivity, mains-powered and interconnecting smoke alarms are still required for new build or materially altered properties that must comply with Approved Document B.

For more details on the legislation, see link below.
The Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm (Amendment) Regulations 2022 / GOV.UK

Wales Landlord Legislation
1st December 2022

Required: Mains-powered, interconnectable smoke alarm in each story of the dwelling PLUS a CO alarm in any room with a gas, oil or solid-fuel appliance PLUS a mains-powered, interconnectable heat alarm is also recommended in kitchens, although not mandatory.

For more details on the legislation, see link below..

Landlords: housing law is changing (Renting Homes) | GOV.WALES