Kidde, the world leader in fire protection, has a wide range of proven technologies to serve the diverse needs of virtually every industry. Our products, combined with our highly skilled, worldwide service network, allow us to provide you with a total system solution to solve your fire protection needs.


Agribusiness presents unique challenges for vehicle and machinery manufacturers, as production capacity and specialisation are continually on the increase. The complexity of these high value machines and often their sheer size make fire both more likely and potentially more disastrous when it strikes.

Auto Body Shops

Auto body shops have a significant fire hazard such as paint spray booths that become filled with highly flammable volatile organic solvents or from equipment that generates sparks from cutting, grinding and welding metal.

Clean Rooms

Protecting areas such as semiconductor fabrication, food processing facilities and pharmaceutical plants. In many industries, even a small fire can cause a significant loss as both the product and the machinery can become contaminated with smoke, as well as the water used to fight the fire.

Commercial Kitchens

Whether in a chain restaurant, a hotel, a school or hospital cafeteria, or the corner diner, all contain the elements necessary for a sudden fire such as grease and high heat, putting people and property at risk.


The telecommunications industry has exploded beyond the traditional regional and long distance phone service, and now includes all varieties of communications services and content delivery systems, such as wireless phones, broadband cable systems, satellite communications, fibre optic networks, and internet service providers.

Data Processing

In some industries such as banking and investments, insurance or government agencies, data is their business. In other industries such as airlines, hotels or car rental reservations, retail sales, wholesale distribution, utilities, universities and even hospitals, managing data is critical to their mission.

Emergency Services

The preparedness, effectiveness and safety of firefighters is of the utmost importance to the people and property they protect. Provision of a complete product range to the highest quality levels helps firefighters perform their duties and return safely to their families. Kidde offer a comprehensive range of fire fighting equipment, designed with the firefighter and their needs in mind.

High-End Residential

High-end homes often contain valuable assets such as artwork, artifacts, rare books or collectable automobiles, which represent a significant investment, as well as commercial-grade equipment such as restaurant kitchen equipment, electronic media equipment rooms, swimming pool chemicals. All of which may pose a fire risk.

Iron and Steel

Iron and steel processes present significant fire hazards. The heavy machinery required to process and transport materials are subject to some of the most extreme conditions possible.


Ships at sea whether recreational, commercial or military present a serious challenge for fire protection, with a variety of hazards from engine rooms to galleys to cargo spaces.


Mining, whether surface or underground, is a complex industry with significant fire protection challenges, using large, expensive, off-road vehicles and heavy processing equipment that often run around the clock in harsh environments and remote locations.

Oil and Gas

Off-shore oil platforms, oil pumping stations, refineries, gasoline storage tanks, LNG receiving facilities represent significant fire hazards, often complicated by harsh environments and remote locations.

Petrochemical Storage

The combination of highly volatile flammable liquids and the high temperatures involved in petrochemical processes, presents a unique challenge to fire fighters and to the providers of their equipment. The impact of any fire event can be catastrophic and preparedness through the right equipment can minimise the financial, environmental and personal toll.

Power Generation

Power generation facilities whether hydroelectric, nuclear, or fossil fuel, all represent significant and varied fire hazards, from both the fuel and the rotating machinery.


The machines used in the timber industry, from vehicles like log skidders, feller bunchers, and bulldozers, to stationary equipment like delimbers, chippers, and log handlers, all operate in remote locations on rugged terrain, surrounded by flammable forestry material, and are subject to a buildup of flammable wood debris.

Transport Infrastructure

Whether by car, by train or bus, we all travel most days. Kidde provide a range of suppression and detection solutions to provide peace of mind to commuters, councils and service providers and to reduce impact should an event occur.

Waste Management

Waste management is a demanding environment for the people, vehicles and machines engaged in the important work of handling the hundreds millions of tons of waste produced every year.