Off-shore oil platforms, oil pumping stations, refineries, gasoline storage tanks, LNG receiving facilities represent significant fire hazards, often complicated by harsh environments and remote locations. Kidde offers a complete range of products to protect oil & gas facilities from any type of fire hazard.

Kidde offers a unique approach to fire protection—total system solutions. With this approach in mind, we have established a total fire protection package ideal for Pumping Stations. Listed below are Detection and Suppression Systems most commonly used for this type of application.


Argonite System

Engineered system for total flooding of enclosed spaces. Uses Argonite, an inert gas consisting of a mixture of argon and nitrogen that suppresses fire by depleting oxygen in the protected space. Environmentally safe and requires minimal post-fire cleanup. System includes detectors, a control unit, agent storage cylinders, piping and discharge nozzles.

ADS FM-200 System

The Kidde ADS FM-200 System is an advanced system innovation developed by Kidde engineering to provide economic protection for larger enclosures requiring longer agent flow distances. FM-200 Systems provide active fire protection that works automatically and stays on duty around the clock.

ECS Series FM-200 System

Environmentally-friendly. The preferred fire suppression system for vital facilities that can't afford fire-related business interruption of process controls, automated industrial operations, robotics, etc.

Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System

The Kidde Carbon Dioxide Fire Suppression System is designed to detect a fire rapidly before it can grow out of control. Since the turbine is enclosed and unoccupied, Carbon Dioxide is the ideal suppression agent for this application.


Kidde Senator HSSD® System

Laser-based high-sensitivity-smoke detection system designed to detect fire in the incipient stage. Recommended for critical facilities. Thousands of times more sensitive than conventional detectors, the Senator employs particle size discrimination technology to reduce the occurrence of nuisance alarms. System consists of a detector head, piping network and optional LCD display module.