Waste management is a demanding environment for the personnel, vehicles and machines engaged in the important work of handling the millions of tons of waste produced every year. Fires can start in the machine or in the refuse material itself, causing equally significant risk to personnel. Kidde Sentinelsuppression options include both dry chemical agent and AquaGreen XT aqueous agent. AquaGreen is ideally suited to the mixture of Class B fuel and Class A debris that can accumulate on machines.

The Kidde Sentinel Vehicle System is an integrated fire protection solution that includes state-of-the-art detection and control. Coupled with a tailored suppression package, the Sentinel System is flexible, easy to maintain and is specifically designed for applications such as waste management.


Kidde DCS Suppression System

Stored pressure dry chemical delivery systems like the Kidde DCS provide the highest possible reliability for fire protection. Dependable ABC dry chemical agent, with a full 90% potency, provides solid fire fighting capability for your area. The agent is maintained in an inerted atmosphere inside the cylinder. The system status can be readily ascertained by checking the cylinder gauge or in the system control unit via the optional supervisory pressure switches installed on the system cylinders. We don’t compromise – why should you?

Kidde LS Suppression System

The Kidde LS Suppression System is utilises Aquagreen XT; an all new innovative aqueous agent that provides exceptional performance over a staggering temperature range. Aquagreen XT suppresses, cools, and secures and does so with a formula which is environmentally responsible and safe for personnel. Designed and approved for use a primary fire fighting system, the LS can also be combined with a dry chemical DCS discharge to provide sequentially delivered fire suppression charges that provide exceptional knock-down and securement for the most challenging applications.


Kidde SA1 Detection & Control System

Designed to control detection and suppression functions for the Kidde Sentinel vehicle fire suppression system, the Kidde SA1 Control Unit provides status information and user controls in a rugged compact die-cast aluminium enclosure. The SA1 is cost-effective, versatile and is fully compatible with the full range of Kidde Sentinel detection technologies. Multiple power management options are available, providing reliable detection, annunciation and system releasing. Integration into your application has never been easier.

Kidde NET Detection & Control System

The Kidde Sentinel NET is the heart of a full-featured package of control, annunciation and releasing technologies that provide a flexible array of configuration options: Multiple protected spaces, cross-zoning, and event logging are combined with a high-quality text status display adding up to an unbeatable package. With advanced networking capability and robust Triple ‘R’ redundancy, to prevent unwanted discharges, the Kidde NET is the premier choice for the protection of critical assets in the toughest environments.


Kidde Detect-A-Fire® Heat Detectors

Standard-of-the-industry detector functions as an alarm device to sense overheat and fire conditions and trigger an alarm or as a release device to sense fire and actuate the fire suppression system. The Detect-A-Fire is rate-compensated for versatility and self-restoring for economical performance.

Kidde Senator HSSD® System

Laser-based high-sensitivity-smoke detection system designed to detect fire in the incipient stage. Recommended for critical facilities. Thousands of times more sensitive than conventional detectors, the Senator employs particle size discrimination technology to reduce the occurrence of nuisance alarms. System consists of a detector head, piping network and optional LCD display module.

Det-Tronics Flame Detectors

Detector Electronics' flame detectors offer solutions for applications in which risk to personnel is high and where fire might result in a large loss of equipment. Beyond critical life-safety concerns, Det-Tronics products have proven to minimise total cost of ownership while minimising false alarms.