Summer Safety Travel

Be Ready for anything

If you’re flying, check out the Transportation Security Administration’s summer travel checklist. It offers tips on what you can bring on the plane, the best ways to pack your bag, and more. Whatever your plans, can help you prepare. 

Pack your smartphone with safety info

Keep tabs on your latest local forecast at, and visit for safety and preparedness information. Flying to your destination?Check airport status, travel tips, and even security waiting times at

Add an emergency kit to your vehicle.

When on the road, your vehicle is an extension of your home. Having an emergency kit can prove vital to helping keep your family safe. In addition to water and snacks, add items such as a blanket, protein bars, bandages, and a solar powered cell phone charger. Keep an automotive fire extinguisher in your vehicle. Check to make sure it’s fully charged. On average, nearly 270,000 highway vehicle fires occur each year, most of which (80 percent) happen in passenger cars.

Bring a battery operated UL listed carbon monoxide alarm.

Carbon monoxide (CO) -- known as the “silent killer” -- is an odorless, colorless and tasteless gas, and the leading cause of unintentional poisoning deaths in the United States. CO poisoning can strike any time of year. Since you can’t guarantee that your hotel or vacation rental will have one, help keep your family safe.