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Safety Is Not the Same for Everyone.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and protected in their homes, yet some
communities are more at risk for residential fires. This is cause for alarm,
and Kidde is on a mission to help protect every moment, for everyone.
Affected 2X More
Fatal residential fires disproportionately affect
Black communities where the risk of fire-related
death is almost twice that of individuals of any
other race1.
Every day, at least one
child dies from a home
fire and another 293
are injured from fires or burns2.
Elderly people are 2.5X more likely to die in a residential fire than the rest of the population3.
As a world leader in fire safety, we want to rally everyone around this cause.
People everywhere deserve to feel safe and protected at home. That’s why Kidde created Cause For Alarm – a fire education and safety initiative addressing fire safety gaps. We’re on a mission to provide all communities with the necessary support, educational resources and product solutions needed to have a safe and healthy home.

Let’s raise fire safety awareness together to help save lives. We need to take fire safety seriously – take measures to protect, prevent and prepare our families before a fire emergency ever even occurs."

Egypt Sherrod

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the lack of access to fire safety educational resources and websites in popular languages spoken in the U.S. contributes to the gap in fire safety. Kidde is committed to providing access to education on home safety basics, product placement guides, emergency plans and more.
Protection from smoke and carbon monoxide is just part of ensuring a safe and healthy home. Kidde is a part of Carrier and its Healthy Homes Program, which provides a suite of targeted solutions that can help improve the overall health and safety of homes and the people inside. This includes fire safety solutions from Kidde, as well as a full line of Carrier HVAC solutions that help put you in control of air quality, comfort, humidity and other factors that impact your health and wellness at home.
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Protect Your Home
Working smoke alarms double your chances of surviving a home fire. Kidde has you covered with a complete range of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and other home safety essentials.

1 New York State Department of Health. “Residential Fires Disproportionately Impact Vulnerable Populations,” revised January 2014.

2 U.S. Fire Administration. “Fire and the Older Adult,” January 2006.

3 National Fire Protection Association. “Home Fire Victims by Age and Gender,” December 2021
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