The manufacturing date can be located in one of several places. Below are some common examples:

  • Bottom left hand corner above ABC where it says Made in USA (I.E 2003).

  • Look on the bottom of the unit and you will see two digit numbers engraved into the Cylinder (I.E. 03). (See Figure 1 below)

  • Printed number below the label (I.E.1205322062)

    • 1205 is the time on 24-hour clock

    • 322 is the exact day of the year (November 18)

    • 06 is the year

    • 2 is the assembly line where it was manufactured

If your fire extinguisher was made in Mexico, the printed number will read like this:


L2 = Production line

103 = Day of the year

07 = Year

1146 = Time

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