Kidde PI2000 FAQs


 ? All calls should be referred to the Kidde Replacement Center at 877-524-2086.This ensures all correspondence is properly and consistently communicated and documented to meet the requirements of Kidde and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). Consumers may also get help via

? Items affected: PI 2000 dual-sensor hardwired smoke alarm manufactured between August 1, 2008 and May 4, 2009. The date code is located on the back of the alarm (the “Affected Model” or “Affected Unit”).

? The company is working voluntarily with the CPSC to recall the Affected Model.  

? Comparable hardwired smoke alarms are being offered as replacements.

? Inquiries not related to the recall or inquiries received for products not affected by the replacement program should be directed as follows:

a. General Customer Service inquiries (ex. order/PO status, pricing, availability, etc.) 800-880-6788

b. Kidde Hot Line Support (ex. Smoke alarm operation, etc.)

c. Media inquiries Suzanne Turner (ext. 8219), Heather Caldwell (ext. 8319)


Q: I heard about a recall; what is happening?

A: Kidde, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), is voluntarily recalling the Affected Model which was produced between August 2008 and May 2009. In certain environmental conditions, Affected Units may become susceptible to an electrostatic discharge which may affect the ability of the alarm to operate as intended including the unit’s ability to respond to smoke as required.

Q: What is Kidde doing to address this situation?

A: Upon learning of this situation, Kidde immediately stopped production and shipment of the Affected Model and contacted both its retail and electrical distributor customers. Kidde has also under taken voluntary consumer recall of the Affected Model in conjunction with the CPSC.

Q: How many alarms are affected by the recall?

A: About 94,000 alarms in the United States are affected. About 10,000 in Canada.  

Q: What is the CPSC?

A: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is a federal agency that is charged with protecting the public from risks associated with the use of a wide range of products. You can learn more about the CPSC by visiting its Web site: 

Q: Has the compliance issue related to the PI2000 been linked to any reported personal injuries or deaths?

A: Kidde has not received any reports of injuries related to the Affected Model.

Q: How can I find out the dates on the units I have?

A: The date and model number are located on the back of the Affected Alarm. Affected Units in the US include only those manufactured between August 1, 2008 and May 4, 2009. Affected Units within this timeframe can be identified by its date code, which appears on the back of individual units. The format of this date code is as follows, “2008 Aug 01” for product built on August 1, 2008, etc.

Q: Will the devices still alarm in a smoke event?

A: No. Affected Units may not react to smoke as required.  

Q. Will the other alarms in my home still work if they are interconnected with an affected unit?

A. Yes. All of the other alarms in your home’s interconnected system will continue to function properly.

Q: What can those who have or suspect they have an Affected Model do as a safety precaution?

A: Call Kidde at 877-524-2086 or go to Kidde’s website to determine if your smoke alarm is one of the Affected Units within the scope of the recall.

Q: How do I determine if I have one of these alarms in my home and if it is affected by the recall?

A: Look at the smoke alarms in your home to see if any resemble the one in the photo below:

If the product resembles the above unit, determine if the alarm is a hardwired unit or battery-operated. [A hardwired unit will be wired into the home’s electrical system.] Battery-operated alarms are NOT affected by this recall.

If your alarm is hardwired, please remove it from the mounting bracket by twisting it off. Turn the unit over and look for a date code printed on the back of the product. The production dates that appear on the alarm begin with “2008 Aug 01” for August 1, 2008 and end with “2009 May 04” for May 4, 2009. If the date code on the back of your unit falls between these two dates, then you have an Affected Unit that will need to be replaced.

Immediately contact Kidde on the recall hotline at 877-524-2086 or go to

for further information and to arrange for a free comparable replacement unit. Do NOT remove the Affected Unit from service until you receive and install the replacement unit.

Q: Are you replacing my Affected Units with the same model? How will I know they won’t be defective too?

A: Kidde will replace the Affected Units with its 120V AC hardwire with battery back up smoke and carbon monoxide alarm (the “Replacement Unit”). As the issue with the Affected Model related to a component that is only used in the Affected Model, no other Kidde models have the issue.

Q: How quickly will I get the replacement units?

A: Replacement Units will be shipped as soon as practical, usually within five business days of your call to Kidde’s dedicated 1-877-524-2086 number.

Q: Can I take my affected units out of service?

A: Leave all Affected Units in place until you receive your Replacement Units. Once you obtain the Replacement Unit, please install it immediately. You may then dispose of Affected Units in your household trash.

Q: Are the replacements easy to install, or will you send someone to install it for me?

A: Each Replacement Unit will include step-by-step installation instructions which are easy to follow. For problems with installation, you may call our hotline at 800-880-6788 or visit our online help center at  

Q: Will the Kidde® alarms fit onto the existing mounting bracket or will I need to drill additional holes to mount a new one?

A: The Replacement Unit will fit onto the mounting bracket for the Affected Model.

Q: What if the Affected Units are part of an interconnected smoke alarm system? Will the Kidde® Replacement Units work with my existing interconnected system?

A: All Kidde detection products will interconnect with each other. Please note that a maximum of 24 Kidde devices may be interconnected, with no more than 18 of these Kidde devices being alarms.

Q: What should I do with the Affected Units once I have taken them out of service?

A: Once out of service, the Affected Units should be discarded by placing them with your regular house hold trash.

Q: Where were the affected alarms manufactured?

A: The alarms were assembled in China. 

Q: Is there any evidence that any other alarms are affected by the same quality issue?

A: No. This issue is related to a component part that was only used in the Affected Model.