Kidde Residential and Commercial ("Kidde") is issuing Service Bulletin #007 as an amendment to the previously released Kidde Service Bulletin #006 published on March 15, 2001. Kidde has determined that the thread area on certain black Zytel® nylon valve assemblies installed into welded steel cylinders can be subject to various levels of degradation under certain conditions over time.

This situation could result in the black Zytel® nylon valve assembly spontaneously separating from the steel cylinder during handling, inspection or maintenance. This could also result in the siphon tube separating from the valve during normal operation, affecting the discharge performance.

As a result of this condition, Kidde has voluntarily initiated a free extinguisher replacement program for all subject models. These units are primarily designed for commercial and industrial applications, and the vast majority will be found in businesses and other commercial spaces, as they require service by a fire extinguisher service company. See Service Bulletin #007 for details.