Frequently Asked Questions: Kidde Service Bulletin #007

What is the difference between a Service Bulletin and a Recall? 

The actions being taken by Kidde in connection with Service Bulletin #007 are entirely voluntary. However, because Kidde has made the decision to replace, rather than repair, those units covered by Service Bulletin #007 the remedy being implemented by Kidde is no less extensive or comprehensive than the remedy that would be implemented by a recall. 


What is the problem with the Zytel® nylon valve assemblies used in the fire extinguishers covered by Kidde Bulletin #007?

Kidde has determined that some of the Zytel nylon valve assemblies in those models covered by Kidde Bulletin #007 may degrade over time. This degradation of the valve assembly may cause a loss of strength that could result in the spontaneous separation of the valve body from the cylinder.


Is this the same problem identified by Kidde in its Service Bulletin #006?

While Zytel nylon valve separation was addressed in Kidde Service Bulletin #006, that bulletin only covered units manufactured in 1995. Additional testing conducted by Kidde has identified that units manufactured between the years 1991 and 2000 should now be replaced.

Where and when was this fire extinguisher sold? Is it still in distribution? 

This fire extinguisher was primarily marketed for commercial and industrial use, and requires service by a fire extinguisher service company. The vast majority will be found in manufacturing plants, businesses and other commercial locations. In 2000, Kidde stopped manufacturing this fire extinguisher.

Are Kidde's two (2) and Five (5) lb. fire extinguishers, which utilize Zytel nylon, covered by Kidde Service Bulletin #007? If not, why not?

No. Kidde Service Bulletin #007 only applies to Kidde 10 lb. dry chemical units manufactured with Zytel nylon valves in steel cylinders. The issue of degradation in the 10 lb. units is related to design mold and processing conditions unique to these units. Kidde's testing of two (2) and five (5) lb. units have revealed no degradation. 

Is the problem identified in Kidde Service Bulletin #007 dangerous? 

The risk associated with valve separations are minimized as long as the procedures outlined in Kidde's "Safety Removal Procedures" are followed. A copy of the Safety Removal Procedures is being provided to all parties that respond to Kidde Service Bulletin #007 and who have fire extinguishers within the scope of that bulletin that are subject to replacement.

Has anyone been injured by the problem identified in Kidde Service Bulletin #007?

Kidde Safety has only received two (2) claims for damages based on personal injury related to the degradation problem. However, Kidde has been informed of additional instances where the Zytel valves have separated from the steel cylinder causing risk of injury. For this reason it is important that the procedures outline in the "Safety Removal Procedures" provided by Kidde be followed. 

Should I immediately remove all fire extinguishers identified to be within the scope of Kidde Service Bulletin #007 from their location?

Answer : No. Do not rotate, handle, inspect, or remove any units that are within the scope of Service bulletin #007. These extinguishers should only be removed after you have received the "Safety Removal Procedures" and safety containment bags from Kidde. Please follow the Safety Removal Procedures and use all safety equipment specified therein. 

What should I do if one of my customers reports an incident or accident related to one of the fire extinguishers subject to Kidde Service Bulletin #007?

Please call Kidde at 1-877-777-8170 and inform them about the incident. Please tell the Kidde representative the number of fire extinguishers at that location. An appropriate representative from Kidde will then call you back and assist with the incident in a timely manner. 

Once I report extinguishers which are determined to be within the scope of Kidde Service Bulletin #007, how long will it take before I get replacement extinguishers? 

Kidde will use reasonable efforts to ship replacement extinguishers within 7 business days of your calling the 1-877-777-8170 number. However, Kidde cannot guarantee a specific delivery time as to any replacement order.

Will those fire extinguishers identified in Kidde Service Bulletin #007 still work in the event of a fire?

The problem of Zytel nylon valve degradation should not affect fire fighting functionality. However, Kidde is voluntarily replacing these fire extinguishers to eliminate the possibility of valve separation occurring during a fire and to eliminate the potential of the unit not working in the event of a fire. Remember to avoid handling these units unless confronted with a fire fighting emergency and you need to use the unit to create a pathway to safety. 

What if I would like a replacement product other than Kidde's Pro Line 10 Unit?

Kidde is only providing the Pro Line 10 unit as a replacement free of charge. However, Kidde reserves the right to substitute comparable product at its own discretion. If you do not want the Pro Line 10 replacement, you may order other product at regular prices.

Is Kidde going to reimburse me for any service calls I have to make or any labor costs I incur as a result of following this bulletin? 

Kidde will not be reimbursing for service and labor costs related to this bulletin. The replacement Kidde Pro Line 10's are being supplied to you free of all cost and expense including shipping. These units have steel head valves and are superior to your customer's current product. If you incur service and labor costs which would not have been incurred by your customer in the routine course of inspection or maintenance a representative from Kidde will contact you to discuss this matter.